The ultimate goal of the mold inspector and industrial hygienist is to provide clients with an accurate mold assessment of a home or building.  This is achieved with a thorough inspection of the building inside and out.  Red flags conducive to mold growth are noted with suggested repairs.  Even if no red flags are detected, it is important for the mold inspector to recommend air testing, because this is the only way to tell scientifically whether a mold contamination exists and what occupants are breathing.

Sampling helps qualify and quantify a mold problem, thus in order to insure a high degree of accuracy the mold professional should follow a stringent sampling methodology using a scientific approach and quality control.  Only then will the inspector be able to trust his findings once he combines the results of his visual inspection with the laboratory results, and be able to provide his clients with an accurate mold assessment report.

Mold assessment is not an exact science.  To start, the inspector should check the proper calibration of the testing apparatus prior to collecting every sample, follow precision timing, and keep detailed records.  In selecting the location, number of samples, and types of samples to be collected, he should follow recognized sampling guidelines and keep in mind factors that may contribute to false negatives - thinking there is no problem when a mold contamination exists somewhere. 

Expertise can only be achieved through continuing education and the knowledge gained from experience.  Mold inspectors should question every situation and evaluate all factors at hand.  A good mold inspector can never be too cautious or too detailed oriented. Following a sampling methodology and practicing quality control will insure testing accuracy.


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Testing precision
Apparatus location
Testing record


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