MOLD MATTERS - Solutions and Prevention


“Everything you ever wanted to know about mold from A to Z.  An eminently readable treatise on mold that will satisfy the home consumer to the discerning scientist.  A how to and tell all that will educate you to recognize, assess, treat, and more importantly, prevent mold.  Dealing with the insurance companies to learning the jargon of the mold inspector and remediator, it’s all here.  You’ll feel like a mold expert upon completing this understandable and concise text.”

Jay Gold, M.D., F.A.P.A.

“A must read for any homeowner, renter, parent, or employee. The book explains the subject well, is an easy read and helps educate the public about something that has for far too long, been swept under the carpet because of potential liability.”
Melinda Ballard, President Policyholders of America

“Most people are aware of the plight brought about by hurricane Katrina to people in Louisiana and Mississippi, and how their losses have been compounded by water damage and mold.  This book is the best practical and timely resource supported by scientific evidence and by experience gained in the field to expand that awareness into understanding and knowledge.”
Nohemi Meneses, BSN, CRNA

"Mold Matters is a must-read. This book explains the topic so thoroughly that I feel like an expert on how to recognize and more importantly, prevent mold problems. As an elementary teacher, I see more and more asthma and chronic respiratory problems each year. Now, I know that a great majority of these children are sick due to the mold that surrounds them daily. The in-depth studies included in this book are worth taking time to read - even for a busy Teacher/Child Development Coach/Internet Marketer/Software creator such as myself."
Kristi Sayles



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